What is axe throwing?

It's ridiculously fun.  Canada (of course) brought axe throwing into the city, and ever since then it has been exploding across the country and the world. Think of it like going bowling with a group of friends… except with axes!

What if I don't know how to throw an axe? Is it hard?

Axe throwing is surprisingly accessible, with the help of our expert coaches, we're confident that anyone can learn to throw an axe! (Or at least have a great time trying!)

What ages are allowed?

Our facility is strictly ages 18+

Can I come and watch?

Everyone coming in to our facility must be a member of a group that will be throwing with us, and will be required to fill out a waiver and attend the safety briefing.  We won't force you to do anything you're not comfortable with, but we'll encourage you to try throwing an axe!

Is axe throwing safe?

Axe throwing may raise some eyebrows, but we are confident in the safety of the sport and our industry-standard safety procedures. Axe throwing has been around for years and has a better safety track record than most other sports (except maybe chess?).  We have implemented safety standards and procedures that have been proven time and time again across the country.  If you have any questions about our safety protocols, please ask!

Can I bring my own axe?

Only league members may bring their own axes, and only to league events.  If you're interested in leagues follow us for updates!

I love axe throwing! What’s next?

Got the axe bug? Want to get involved in our community, throw more, and meet new people?  Ask our coaches for more information and stay tuned for league play! 

Can I throw axes at my next corporate Event?

Absolutely! Axe throwing is amazing team bonding activity, how often do you find an activity that's so fun and everyone gets to learn it together? Please check out our Corporate Event page for more information. 

Do you serve alcohol?

Yes we do! We are proud to offer a hand-picked selection of excellent (and local) craft beer and wine. 

PLEASE NOTE: Everyone in our facility is expected to be safe and in control of themselves at all times. If we even suspect that anyone may have had too much to drink we reserve the right to refuse service and guests may be asked to leave

Can we bring alcohol?

We serve it! No outside alcohol is allowed.

What should I wear?

CLOSED-TOE SHOES. And please avoid anything that would interfere with, you know, throwing an axe (baggy shirts, loose jewelry, etc.). Dress to be a bit active! Don’t go too crazy though, jeans and a flannel are practically the uniform.

Is there parking?

We've got parking.  Signs will direct you to our north entrance (adjacent to Skyzone) and you may park in that lot or on the road leading up to it.  We also have an entrance on the other side with additional (and accessible) parking as needed. 

Can I take pictures?

We'd be offended if you didn't! Your #firstbullseye will easily be a top 10 life event, and something to remember and cherish forever.

Don’t forget to ask your coach for a post-sesh group shot and make sure to tag #revolutionaxe!