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Why axe throwing?

Why not?! We've lived all our life going to bowling birthday parties, or getting excited when we see a pool table or darts at a bar, how about something new?

Axe throwing is the perfect group activity and, with the help of our expert coaches, anyone can throw an axe. So why not throw it back to a simpler time and find out which of your friends would cut it in the middle ages.

The Whole Story

Axes are one of humanity's first tools. We're talking about prehistory here. And there's no doubt that if cavemen had axes, they were throwing them. Axes have definitely changed a lot since then, and recently axe throwing has survived in backyards, campsites, and Canada.

Over the past decade, axe throwing has moved from those Canadian backyards to urban hubs all across the world, building communities around this revolutionary activity.

We are a group of Boston locals with a love of the outdoors and all things adventurous. So when we found out on a trip to Montreal that axe throwing could now be an urban sport we knew we had to bring it back home to Boston.